Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the conscious intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. This program concentrates on the data that is shown to affect youth and young adults. We also provide services and resources on this site in case of an emergency where an individual is in harm’s way and needs immediate attention.

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Who Is Affected By Domestic Violence?

1 in 0
high school students

experience either physical or sexual violence, or both, that is perpetrated by someone they are dating or going out with. (CDC)

0 %
of black women
& 0 %
of black men

have experienced intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking in their lifetimes. (CDC)

1 in 0

are exposed to intimate partner violence each year, and 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to this violence. (

Nearly half (43%) of all college women and one third (28%) of college men report having experienced either abuse or controlling behaviors in a dating relationship. (

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) youth are more likely to experience physical and psychological dating abuse, sexual coercion, and cyber dating abuse than their heterosexual peers. (CDC)

National Institute for Justice (NIJ) funded research that has also examined the prevalence of dating violence among a national sample of Latino adolescents. Phone interviews were conducted with 1,525 Latino teens, ranging in age from 12 to 18, most of whom (76.1 percent) were born in the United States. Respondents reported experiencing the following within the past year:

At least one form of dating violence: 19.5%

Psychological dating violence: 14.8%

Physical dating violence: 6.6%

Sexual dating violence: 5.6%

Stalking: 1%

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